What is the difference between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils? 

Essential Oils: 

Essential oils are natural chemicals that are extracted from the leaves, flowers, stems, roots or bark of plants. Essential oils not only are highly aromatic, but the natural chemical composition of many essential oils offers other therapeutic benefits not found in synthetic aromatics. Essential oils vary in their characteristics and each person is different in how they may respond to using them. The most common unwanted result is skin irritation. Increased watchfulness should be used when treating babies, young children, and the elderly, because their skin can be much more sensitive. Pregnant women might want to consult a physician or licensed aromatherapist prior to using essential oils. Never apply oils directly to the eyes or ear canal. All our essential oils are pure concentrates. A little goes a long way. Many oils are flammable and should be keep clear of open flame, spark, or fire hazards.

Fragrance Oils: 

Fragrance oils (also called perfume oils) are usually synthetic; they are carefully formulated and/or blended to the exact specifications of a perfumer whose goal is to design a scent. Fragrance oils are available in hundreds of different scents allowing artisans to create products that feature fragrances that cannot be achieved strictly by using essential oils or other natural aromatics. 

What are Folded Essential Oils?

Folded essential oils are essential oils that have been further distilled and thus concentrated even further from it's already highly concentrated form. Basically, during multiple distillations the terpenes are extracted. These are the more volatile, and thus prone to oxidation, portions of the oil. There are a couple of reasons one would want to do this, which will be explained momentarily. First I should mention for therapeutic aromatherapy practice, folded oils are not typically preferred because some feel altering the chemical nature of the oil devalues and unbalances the oil. Terpenes are also what make an oil photo-toxic or photosensitive. So the first reason for "folding" essential oils would be to prolong the shelf life of that oil. The second reason is multiple (usually 5 or 10) distillations reduce many essential oils potential to harm your skin when combine with ultra violet light exposure.

How Do You Use Essential Oils? 

  • Diffuse in Air Using a Humidifier 
  • Diffuse in Air Using Reeds 
  • Include in a Bath Soak 
  • Inhale Aroma Directly 
  • Rub on Pressure Points or Muscles 
  • Dilute with Carrier Oil, Alcohol, or Water

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