Elisa Burchett, owner and founder of Original You, LLC in Akron, Ohio, worked in the corporate world for over 10 years before starting her company. Her personal story is what motivated her and led her down this path to find great performing natural products. As herself and her family members suffered from a variety of skin and health issues, such as hormonal acne, psoriasis, warts, low immunity, and asthma, Elisa found that medicinal treatments were often harsh on the skin and body. She began searching for natural solutions. To her delight, not only did these natural products eliminate many chemicals and medicines from her family’s home, but many times the natural ingredients worked more effectively and even added benefits beyond what was expected!

Combined with a desire to spend more time with her family, Elisa left her corporate job and began Original You in 2014. Her heart’s desire is to educate and help others treat common ailments through the use of natural products and essential oils. Even more importantly, Elisa wants to encourage her customers to be the original beautiful people they are – to embrace who they are – to bring out their God given strengths and let the authentic person shine through. Elisa’s passion drove the research and found the resources needed to begin her business. She was determined to develop a line of natural products that performed, looked and smelled great, while providing education to her customer base. Go Natural. Feel Great.

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